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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Outlook for Apples --- Bee-utiful!

Visited with Mr. Bob Karr of the Karr Orchard yesterday and he says the outlook for apples this year is good. Many of the trees had already been in bloom and had dropped their petals when we visited, but there was one variety of apple tree that was still in bloom and the bees were certainly happy about it. Bob has about 800 trees north of Emporia including apples, peaches, cherry and plum. He is a regular feature at the Emporia Farmers Market whose goods include honey, beeswax and cider, as well as fruit from his trees and several varieties of berries. Expect to also see asparagus and rhubarb from Bob early in the season.

Tiny apples...
New asparagus beds.

Bob Karr talks with us about his orchard.