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Thursday, July 28, 2011

August Events at the Emporia Farmers Market

Celebrate National Farmers Market Week with the Emporia Farmers Market

Take a look at the food on your table. Do you know where it comes from? Can you picture the place where it grew? Do you know the gardener who planted it, watered it, watched it grow with tender loving care and then finally picked it when it was just perfect for eating?

The Emporia Farmers Market would like to invite you to celebrate National Farmers Market Week, August 7-13, with us. Shop the market and add some local produce to your table. Get to know your farmer; get to know your food.

Special Events at the Farmers Market in August include;

Monday, August 1, 5pm
A bonus market will take place at the Lyon County Fair. This extra opportunity to shop the market will take place at the north end of the fairgrounds.

Wednesday, August 3
Murphy’s Menu: Salsa, Hot & Not Cook-Off. For information Call 342-4800 or e-mail

Saturday, August 6
Breakfast Burrito Fundraiser by the Friends of The Emporia Farmers Market

Saturday, August 13
ESU International Student Day at the Market and live musical entertainment by Joe Foster. Watch for updates about this event!

An up-to-date calendar for the Emporia Farmers Market can be found online at

The Emporia Farmers Market is a local, producer-only market -- all products are grown, baked or crafted by the market vendor. Please contact Market Manager, Tracy Simmons, at (620) 343-6555 or for any questions you have about the market. Visit our website and sign up for our free e-newsletter at

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harvest Preservation: Canning, Freezing, Dehydrating and Storage for Beginners

Community Connections is offering several fun and interesting classes this summer. Be sure to check out the Harvest Preservation: Canning, Freezing, Dehydrating and Storage for Beginners course, taught by former market manager, Tracey Graham. This course is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17, from 5:30-7:30pm. A second course will be offered on Saturday for those who are more experienced and those who have completed the beginners course.
 To enroll, contact Amy at 341-1392 or enroll online at

Monday, July 18, 2011

USDA seeks ways to boost farm-to-school programs

From the Emporia Gazette, July 14, 2011

The popularity of farm-to-school programs that put locally grown food on cafeteria trays has exploded in recent years — so much so that the federal agency in charge of school lunches is giving them a new stamp of approval.
Deputy Agriculture Secretary Kathleen Merrigan said the programs have become so popular so fast that her agency doesn’t have solid figures on how many schools are serving their students vegetables, fruits and meat grown by local farmers.
“We know it’s just snowballing,” Merrigan said in an interview with The Associated Press before her appearance Tuesday at the School Nutrition Association convention in Nashville, Tenn.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture used the convention to release a new report on what works in farm-to-school programs, what doesn’t and what the agency can do to help them work better. The report was put together by a USDA team that traveled to 15 school districts across the country and comes as officials, including first lady Michelle Obama, are promoting the importance of healthier food for kids.
“First, it is about bringing fresh locally grown food into school cafeterias,” Merrigan said. “So there’s the yummy factor, the good nutrition factor. ... Number two, we believe it provides good market opportunities for local producers, particular those midsize farmers that are struggling to make a go of it. This is a real opportunity for them to increase the bottom line in their farming operations. So it’s about rural economic development.”

Locally, the Emporia USD 253 school district has started using fresh produce in its school lunches. Students at the end of the school year ate fresh lettuce produced locally.

Gary Janssen, a local producer who lives near Emporia, said more producers are needed to give schools as well as area restaurants fresh vegetables and fruits.

If a producer would like to contact Janssen, he can be reached at (620) 342-5058 or

USD 253 also received federal grant money to receive fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bratwurst and Hot Dogs at the Market! Support EHS Cheerleaders for this Fundraising Event

EHS Cheerleaders will have a bratwurst and hot dog fundraiser at the Wednesday, July 20 Emporia Farmers Market. They are raising funds to buy new uniforms. The market starts at 5:00PM.

EHS Cheerleaders will serve through the Farmers Market and Live in the Lot, which starts at 7:30, and features music by Floor is Lana and Glass Masks.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Annual Homegrown Celebration ~ July 16

Watermelon Contests for the Kids

KVOE's Summer Sizzlin' Jackpot

Live Music by Joe Foster

Breakfast (biscuits & gravy) by the Shady Shifters - Bike team raising funds to beat MS

The best produce Emporia has to offer from your neighbors, the vendors at Emporia Farmers Market.

Biscuits and Gravy at the Market

The Shady Shifters will be back at the market selling biscuits and gravy on Saturday, July 16, starting at AM. Please don't miss this opportunity to support a local team working toward a great cause.

Back row from L to R: Stacy Reeves, Veronica DeSelms, Jillian Strobel
Front L to R: Anne Strobel, Brenda Lee

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kabobs at the Market and a Downhome Pre-Party Fruit Salad Cook-Off

Wednesday, July 13, sounds like a great day for kabobs at the Emporia Farmers Market. The Healthy Community Alliance will be serving up kabobs for supper to support a Hair Affair. Your donations go to provide free haircuts for school aged children giving them a great start for school in the fall! Kabob options will include beef ($3.50), chicken ($3.50) and Vegetarian ($3.00).

Also on Wednesday, Murphy’s Menu will be conducting their second cook-off of the season. Bring your pre-party fruit salad and recipe to the kiosk between 4:40 and 4:55 p.m. Questions about the cook-off? Call 342-4800 or email

A current calendar of market events can be found at

Monday, July 11, 2011

Harvest Preservation Course

Community Connections is offering several fun and interesting classes this summer. Be sure to check out the Harvest Preservation: Canning, Freezing, Dehydrating and Storage for Beginners course, taught by former market manager, Tracey Graham. This course is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17, from 5:30-7:30pm. A second course will be offered on Saturday for those who are more experienced and those who have completed the beginners course.
 To enroll, contact Amy at 341-1392 or enroll online at

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Murphy's Menu Cook-Off: Fruit Salads

Wednesday, July 13 - Fruit Salads
Everyone in the community is welcome to compete, but only one entry per person. 
For the July 13th Cook-Off competition, bring your fruit salad and recipe to the Farmers Market kiosk, Seventh Ave. and Merchant St. between 4:40 and 4:55 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Regina Murphy will take your picture, get your name and number, and then at 5 p.m. with the opening bell, shoppers will taste and vote for their favorite entry. The winner will get a nice culinary goodie bag, courtesy of Nancy at Country Mart, for their effort and will be featured in the Emporia Gazette.
Questions? Call 342-4800 or e-mail

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Music by ESU Graduate, L.A. Fahy, at Saturday’s Market

Join Kansas musician and ESU graduate, L.A. Fahy, at the Emporia Farmers Market on Saturday, July 9th. Fahy is a passionate and diverse songwriter who began playing the piano at the age of 6 and began performing and writing for his first basement band at the age of 18. While attending Emporia State University, he performed and wrote for an alternative rock band called Zen Farmers.

Fahy now lives in Lawrence Kansas and enjoys performing his music for live audiences. He is a regular feature at the Lawrence Farmers Market and several other locations throughout the area.

Details about this and other upcoming events at the Emporia Farmers Market can be found online at

Monday, July 4, 2011

Have you voted?

Local Food and Local Farms

Sick Plant Clinic at Wednesday's Market

Heat, drought, insects, disease, and more heat are a substantial line-up for plant decline.  Just as we are getting into productive gardens or colorful flower displays, problems seem to hit like a brick.
Symptoms of insect damage, disease, or environmental stress can all look similar.  Determining the cause of the problem is the first obstacle to get a plant back in good health.
The Sick Plant Clinic, occurring at the Wednesday night Emporia Farmers' Market on July 6th  at 5:00 pm, is a place to bring your ailing plants for information on diagnoses and treatment.  I'll be there to answer your questions about plant decline, insect damage, yellowing leaves, stunted or distorted growth, or dieback.  If you are unsure what a plant is, bring it by for identification.
To participate, bring a representative sample which would include a portion of the plant showing the transition of healthy tissue to the problem tissue. For insect identification, bring the insect as well as the damage being caused.  If it is not feasible to bring in a sample, such as in the case of a tree trunk, pictures or detailed information will help.  There is no charge for this educational event.
Try to answer the following questions about your ailing plant before bringing it to the Sick Plant Clinic.  This information will help identify the problem.

  1. Kind of plant- Variety
  2. How long has it been established in its present location?  I.e. Has it been recently transplanted?
  3. Exposure;   N - S - E - W- full sun or shade?
  4. What is the nature of the soil?  Tight clay?  Drainage?
  5. When did the problem first appear?  Has it happened before?
  6. Are any other plants in the vicinity similarly affected?
  7. What part of the plant was affected first?  Top or bottom?  Which side?
  8. Has there been any construction near the plant?    How recently?  Have underground utilities been installed or replaced near the plant recently?
  9. Is the soil around the plant subject to foot or vehicular traffic that could lead to compaction?  Is there pavement near the plant?
  10. Have there been any weed killers used nearby?  If so, what and when?  Has salt or other ice melting material been used nearby?
  11. What are the symptoms that have appeared?  How have they progressed?  Is there any pattern of development?
  12. What program of watering and fertilizing has been followed?
  13. Have there been any fungicides or insecticides used on the plant?  If so, what and when?
  14. Is there any evidence of mechanical damage to the plant (i.e. lawn mower/nylon cord trimmer)?
  15. Are there any suspicious insects present?  What do they look like?
  16. Try to bring as much of the plant as possible, and as fresh as possible.  
For more information on the Sick Plant Clinic, call the Extension office at 620-341-3220.