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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eat Real! Emporia celebrated Food Day with Cooking and Gardening Demonstrations

More than 1,500 events were registered on the website, including 20 in Kansas. Marion National Bank sponsored Food Day in Emporia and the event was hosted by the Emporia Area Local Food Network, Emporia Community Health Coalition, Emporia Farmers Market, Lyon County Research and Extension Office and Our Local Food - Twin Rivers.

Area WIC representatives gave a demonstration on slow-cooker applesauce. The recipe included 5 pounds of apples, cinnamon and vanilla and NO added sugar. Yum!

Tom Fowler and Carolyn Turney talked about making and using compost at home to enrich your garden soil.

A demonstration by Rhonda Gordon, of Lyon County Research and Extension, inspired attendees to use their crockpot for easy meal preparation. 

The topic was Sweet Potatoes, a root vegetable that grows well in Kansas gardens and is abundant this time of year. Tracey Graham shared tips for cleaning, storing and preparing sweet potatoes, as well as samples of recipes including sweet potatoes that ran from savory to sweet.

Ruth Wise and Jerilyn Henrikson provided tips on winter gardening in cold frames.
More photos from Food Day can be found on our Facebook page.

Congratulations to Drew Kuchera, winner of our crockpot drawing and to Jessica Hopkins, winner of the Murphy's Menu Cookbook!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Every Day is Food Day

As published in the Emporia Gazette, Friday, October 21
from Kiley Stinson, Allen, KS

You may have heard that October 24 has been designated as Food Day. To my family and many other farming and ranching families, Food Day just so happens to be every day. I feel honored to be among the less than two percent of the population who are dedicated to producing safe, wholesome and affordable food for America’s families.

Although statistics show most of us are fortunate to spend just less than ten percent of our disposable income on our food, we shouldn’t forget that one in eight Americans has trouble getting enough to eat. The demand for safe, affordable food will only increase as our population grows worldwide — I am confident that American farmers will rise to this challenge, if we let them.

Modern food production relies on a mix of technological innovation and tradition. There is a reason why agriculture looks the way it does today. The average American is now at least three generations removed from the farm and most of us are dependent on grocery stores to supply almost all of our food needs. This disconnect has led to many misconceptions about today’s farms. Too often, the public hears more from agriculture critics than from the people directly connected to it. No, our industry is not perfect; but whether it is food safety or environmental stewardship, American agriculture has shown a commitment to continuous improvement.

Let’s use Food Day to celebrate the diversity of American agriculture. Americans enjoy an abundance of choices in the supermarket. That is worth celebrating! While we should enjoy and appreciate the taste of fresh seasonal products from our local farmers market, we can’t afford to deny the importance of large scale producers who provide the volume of what we rely on in the grocery store. In many ways, agriculture is the backbone of our nation. We must protect it.

On October 24, take this opportunity to learn more about your food straight from the people who understand how it is produced best: farmers and ranchers.

Celebrate Food Day in Emporia

10 a.m. - 2 p.m., 701 Commercial

Emporia Celebrates Food Day!
Eat Real!

Join us at the Winter Farmers Market indoor site for a fun day filled with cooking and gardening demonstrations, a hot soup fundraiser for the Emporia Farmers Market, and lots of information about how you can grow your own food, cook your own meals, and live a rich, healthy life!

Demonstration Schedule:
10:00 Lyon County Extension Master Gardeners:  Composting
10:30 Lyon County Extension FACS Agent Rhonda Gordon: Crock Pot Meals
11:00 Our Local Food - Twin Rivers: Savor The Season, cooking w/ what's best, now!
11:30 WIC Coordinator Janine Messersmith: Crockpot Applesauce
12:00 Lyon County Extension Master Gardeners:  Cold Frames for Winter Gardening
12:30 Lyon County Extension FACS Agent Rhonda Gordon: Crock Pot Meals
1:00 Our Local Food - Twin Rivers: Savor The Season, cooking with what's best, now!
1:30 WIC Coordinator Janine Messersmith: Crockpot Applesauce

Please Thank our Food Day Sponsor: Marion National Bank

Hosted by:
Emporia Area Local Food Network
Emporia Community Health Coalition
Emporia Farmers Market
Lyon County Research and Extension
Our Local Foods - Twin Rivers

Food Day is a national campaign that seeks to bring together Americans from all walks of life-parents, teachers, and students; health professionals, community organizers, and local officials; chefs, school lunch providers, and eaters of all stripes-to push for healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way.

Emporia Celebrates Food Day

by Regina Murphy
Monday, farmers and foodies will celebrate “Food Day” with demonstrations, soup and plenty of educational, helpful information. Food Day is a national campaign by the Center for Science in the Public Interest that seeks to bring Americans together to push for healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way.
701 Commercial St. will be the site as area experts promote healthy, local eating. This location will also be where the bi-monthly winter farmers markets will be held starting November 5.
“We are very excited about Food Day,” said Tracy Simmons, Emporia Farmers Market Manager. “It’s a national event. We will have cooking and gardening demonstrations, delicious homemade soups for lunch provided by the Emporia Farmers Market and lots of information about how you can grow your own food, cook your own meals and live a rich, healthy life.”
There will be demonstrations from Lyon County Extension Master Gardeners, Extension staff and experts in seasonal eating.
“We’ve tried to get a variety of activities on local foods and growing your own food,” Simmons said. “People can see some options for buying meat locally, for working with (Community Supported Agriculture) and buying things even when the market is not open.”

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's soup weather, walking weather

from the Emporia Gazette, October 10, 2011

Wednesday the Emporia Farmers Market will be the site of two new events: a Downtown Wellness Initiative and a soup supper by the Our Local Foods - Twin Rivers chapter.
Read entire article.