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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eat Real! Emporia celebrated Food Day with Cooking and Gardening Demonstrations

More than 1,500 events were registered on the website, including 20 in Kansas. Marion National Bank sponsored Food Day in Emporia and the event was hosted by the Emporia Area Local Food Network, Emporia Community Health Coalition, Emporia Farmers Market, Lyon County Research and Extension Office and Our Local Food - Twin Rivers.

Area WIC representatives gave a demonstration on slow-cooker applesauce. The recipe included 5 pounds of apples, cinnamon and vanilla and NO added sugar. Yum!

Tom Fowler and Carolyn Turney talked about making and using compost at home to enrich your garden soil.

A demonstration by Rhonda Gordon, of Lyon County Research and Extension, inspired attendees to use their crockpot for easy meal preparation. 

The topic was Sweet Potatoes, a root vegetable that grows well in Kansas gardens and is abundant this time of year. Tracey Graham shared tips for cleaning, storing and preparing sweet potatoes, as well as samples of recipes including sweet potatoes that ran from savory to sweet.

Ruth Wise and Jerilyn Henrikson provided tips on winter gardening in cold frames.
More photos from Food Day can be found on our Facebook page.

Congratulations to Drew Kuchera, winner of our crockpot drawing and to Jessica Hopkins, winner of the Murphy's Menu Cookbook!