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Friday, March 14, 2014

Dirty Kanza Pre-Race Palooza Dinner, May 30, 2014


The annual Pasta Palooza fundraiser for the Emporia Farmers Market is being revamped for the 2014 Dirty Kanza event to better showcase locally sourced foods and welcome gravel riders to our community on Friday, May 30. This year’s meal will feature grassfed beef from Graze the Prairie, a Flint Hills producer whose cattle are on pasture year-round. Graze the Prairie’s cattle are never given growth hormones and no chemical fertilizers are used on their pastures. “Our cattle are moved into new paddocks daily in the growing season, and at least twice weekly in the dormant. This mimics the movement of the animals that historically lived on the prairie and is in concert with how the prairie evolved. This provides our cattle with the best life possible and helps preserve the remaining tallgrass prairie.” More about Graze the Prairie can be found at

The Pre-Race Palooza Dinner will also feature a "meet and mingle" for the Flint Hills Community. Featured Dirty Kanza racers will be on hand for photo opportunities and to sign rider trading cards from 5-6:30pm. The dinner will take place at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 828 Commercial, from 4pm until 7:30pm on Friday, May 30, 2014.

Event Partner:
Graze the Prairie, All Natural Grass Fed Beef

Also featuring products from Emporia Farmers Market vendors, Oatie Beef, Heritage Hill (buffalo), and Shepherd's Valley CSA.

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