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Monday, May 26, 2014

Join Rinker 4-H Club for Burritos for Breakfast on Saturday, May 31

The Emporia Farmers Market welcomes Rinker 4-H Club, serving burritos for breakfast. The proceeds from this fundraiser go to Rinker 4-H Club, in support of scholarships for members to attend 4-H camp or other 4-H activities, and building maintenance for their meeting location at Union School House. Please welcome Rinker 4-H members to the market and support these local, homegrown kids!

Saturday, May 31
starting at 8:00 am

$3.00 choice of following breakfast burritos: Sausage, Bacon, or Veggie
$4.00 The Works burrito
$1.00 Coffee, Orange Juice, or Bottled Water

Friday, May 16, 2014

New Vendor: C's Scrubs ~N~ Butters

Come visit Cecillia Nichols at the Emporia Farmers Market. Cecillia makes homemade body scrubs and butters. All products are made with organic ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Cecillia also has fresh baked goods and plans to have a few fresh vegetables and herbs this summer. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sick Plant Clinic at the Emporia Farmers Market, Saturday, May 17, starting at 8:00AM

Heat, drought, insects, disease, and more heat are a substantial line-up for plant decline.  Just as we are getting into productive gardens or colorful flower displays, problems seem to hit like a brick. Symptoms of insect damage, disease, or environmental stress can all look similar.  Determining the cause of the problem is the first obstacle to get a plant back in good health.

The Sick Plant Clinic, occurring at the Saturday morning Emporia Farmers Market on May 17th  at 8:00 am, is a place to bring your ailing plants for information on diagnoses and treatment.  Travis Carmichael, horticulture agent for K-State Research and Extension - Lyon County, will be there to answer your questions about plant decline, insect damage, yellowing leaves, stunted or distorted growth, or dieback. If you are unsure what a plant is, bring it by for identification.

To participate, bring a representative sample which would include a portion of the plant showing the transition of healthy tissue to the problem tissue. For insect identification, bring the insect as well as the damage being caused.  If it is not feasible to bring in a sample, such as in the case of a tree trunk, pictures or detailed information will help. There is no charge for this educational event.

Try to answer the following questions about your ailing plant before bringing it to the Sick Plant Clinic.  This information will help identify the problem.

1. Kind of plant- Variety
2. How long has it been established in its present location?  I.e. Has it been recently transplanted?
3. Exposure;   N - S - E - W- full sun or shade?
4. What is the nature of the soil?  Tight clay?  Drainage?
5. When did the problem first appear?  Has it happened before?
6. Are any other plants in the vicinity similarly affected?
7. What part of the plant was affected first?  Top or bottom?  Which side?
8. Has there been any construction near the plant?    How recently?
9. Have underground utilities been installed or replaced near the plant recently?
10. Is the soil around the plant subject to foot or vehicular traffic that could lead to compaction?  Is there pavement near the plant?
11. Have there been any weed killers used nearby?  If so, what and when?  Has salt or other ice melting material been used nearby?
12. What are the symptoms that have appeared?  How have they progressed?  Is there any pattern of development?
13. What program of watering and fertilizing has been followed?
14. Have there been any fungicides or insecticides used on the plant?  If so, what and when?
15. Is there any evidence of mechanical damage to the plant (i.e. lawn mower/nylon cord trimmer)?
16. Are there any suspicious insects present?  What do they look like?
17. Try to bring as much of the plant as possible, and as fresh as possible.

For more information on the Sick Plant Clinic, call the Extension office at 620-341-3220.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Join TFI Family Services and Musician, Eric Murphy, at the Market on Saturday

 Happy families make happy kids! Make your whole family happy by bringing them to shop the market on Saturday, May 10, from 8am till 10am in the parking lot at 7th and Merchant. Saturday’s market will be hosted by the staff of TFI Family Services. You are invited to shop the market and visit with TFI staff about foster care services in our area. How can you make a difference in the life of a child? What is involved in being a foster parent? Shop for fresh and local produce, and get the answers to these questions, and more.

Making his debut appearance at the market, Eric Murphy, will provide market music on Saturday. For more about market news and events, view the market calendar at

Musicians Wanted

Message from Brandi Smith, Market Board Member and Music Coordinator:

As the new market Music Director, I'm in the process of getting musicians booked to play the Emporia Farmers Market Saturday mornings for the Spring and Summer outdoor market season. Know anyone that might be interested? 

It's a very relaxed gig and you'd get paid in tips, good vibes, and a little bit of market money. It's also a great opportunity to contribute your talents to helping make the Emporia local food movement vibrant and thriving. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a young pup ready to test the waters, this is a great place to play.

Shoot me a message or catch me downtown sometime if you have any questions. Send any interested people my way. And please, spread the word. Peace, Love, and Local Greens, ya'll...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Three Old Men at the Market on Saturday, May 3

Three Old Men will provide our musical entertainment for opening market on Saturday. Please join Ric Garcia, Nick Dikin, and Sam Bland at the market. Bring a chair. Have a burrito for breakfast. The weather promises to be fine for opening day.

Our musicians have been together for a couple of months playing folk, country, and blues classics. They "love long walks on the beach and are inspired by plants."

They played earth day in Chase county together last weekend and were quite the hit. They'll be great for opening the outdoor market season! Welcome, Three Old Men, to the Emporia Farmers Market!