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Monday, December 7, 2015

Emporia Farmers Market Recognized by ECKAN as a Community Partner

Ruthann Resch, EFM Board President; Julia Wilson, ECKAN Human Services Coordinator; Tracy Simmons, EFM Manager.

The Emporia Farmers Market was recognized at the ECKAN Annual Fellowship Dinner in November for their partnership with the organization in Lyon County. The market was able to provide $15 in market bucks to seniors who qualified for the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program. These funds were in addition to the $30 seniors received from the federal program to purchase fresh and local produce.

One hundred seniors in Lyon County received coupons for market funds, totally $1,500 in food product from market vendors. Funds for this matching gift were provided by grant money from the Emil Babinger Charitable Trust, which supports the market in such matching endeavors.

Ruthann Resch, Emporia Farmers Market Board President, and Tracy Simmons, Emporia Farmers Market Manager, attended the dinner in Ottawa to accept the award. They were accompanied by Julia Wilson, ECKAN Human Services Coordinator in Lyon County.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gift Items by Local Artists available at December Markets

December markets will feature one-of-a-kind gifts by area artists, including:

Jessie Stallings, Interdependent Web
located at 727 Commercial in December.

River Mirrors by Kay Church, Tallgrass Custom Wood Products
located at 727 Commercial in December

Scarves by Wanda Myers, Mators & Tators
located at 701 Commercial 

Quality and custom made blades by Emporia Blacksmithing
located at 727 Commercial
Jewelry and Crochet pieces by Becky's Creations
located at 701 Commercial

Quilted place mats, table runners, hand towels,
kitchen scrubbies and more, by Phylis Odgers
located at 701 Commercial

Original Jewelry and books by Cheryl Unruh
located at 701 Commercial

Recycled bags by Audra Agin
Located at 727 Commercial
Quilted table runners by Kathy Epley
located at 727 Commercial
Crochet Caps and Original Artwork
by Mandy and Joseph Kern, Our Seven Acres
Located at 701 Commercial

Kansas Books and Kansas Authors

Books make great Christmas gifts! Several area authors will be joining us for December markets. Stop at 727 Commercial during one of three opportunities to shop the Emporia Farmers Market in December.

Hazel Hart
A member of Kansas Authors Club, Hazel has won awards for her short stories, including "Amanda Marie," published in KANSAS VOICES, and "Confessions," published in WORDS OUT OF THE FLATLANDS. Both prize-winning stories are included in an e-book collection, THE NANCY NOLAN SHOW.

In addition, Hazel has three published suspense novels, THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, FAMILY HISTORY, and POSSESSING SARA, and one young adult novel, THE SURVIVALIST'S DAUGHTER. She has co-authored two books of short stories, DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW and THE EDGE OF NOWHERE, with Bonnie Eaton aka B.J. Myrick.

Scott Irwin
Scott Irwin, a native of Kansas, earned a doctorate from the University of Texas and retired after forty-seven years of elementary, high school and university science teaching. He keeps life in perspective by surrounding himself with people who know more, shoot better, and handle fishing rods more successfully than he does. He lives in Emporia, Kansas.

“An Outdoor Sporting Life” is an unpretentious, ‘everyman’s’ modest, sometimes comical, sometimes nostalgic reflection on 40-plus years of small-town-rural hunting, fishing, and wildlife conservation. This book is the author’s attempt to share outdoor stories, essays and, along the way, stimulate the readers’ own personal memories of their outdoor sporting lives AND their anticipation of more adventures to come.

Marcia Lawrence
Born and raised in Barber County, Kansas, Marcia Lawrence has worked as a journalist, photo-finish photographer, stockbroker, editor, corn detasseler, musician, and mom. She is a lifelong scholar of regional history and a passionate researcher. She lives in Emporia, Kansas.

In 1926, the citizens of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, decided to celebrate the historic 1867 Peace Treaties signed on the banks of the Medicine River, between the five Plains tribes and the U.S. government. Spirit of the Prairie: The History of the Making of the Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty Pageant captures life in rural Kansas, pulling readers into tales of tragedy and triumph as Medicine Lodge prepares for the massive undertaking, now the second longest continuously running performance of its kind in the United States.

Mike Graves
Michael D. Graves teaches Intensive English and TESOL courses at Emporia State University. His writing has appeared in Cheap Detective Stories, Thorny Locust, Flint Hills Review, and elsewhere. He is an author of Green Bike, a group novel, along with Kevin Rabas and Tracy Million Simmons. When life conjures its riddles, he turns to back roads and baseball for answers.

Pete Stone hadn’t always been a private eye. He’d lost his dairy business at the toss of a coin when the depression hit. His children grew up, as children do, and his wife left him for a chinchilla farmer. He had learned to like his solitude. When Mrs. Lucille Hamilton walked through his door searching for her missing husband, Pete was the only one who believed her husband’s death hadn’t been a suicide.

Jack Egger
Jack will have books and paintings available for sale at December markets.

From Jack's website, "Both art and poetry have been a natural part of my life since my early teens.  My first passion was wood carving.  I began painting in Osan, Korea in 1974-75, because wood carving was too noisy in a barracks. One of my favorite things has been to individually paint Christmas cards for family and close friends. My larger pieces of art have evolved over time, into many forms, including: relief carvings, landscapes, people, hand carved clocks, metal work, black-light paintings, and inspirational paintings. Sometimes my paintings grow out of my poetry.  Writing poetry and painting has been a blessing through some pretty tough times, but I'll leave that for my book to tell."

Jerilynn Henrikson
Author & Instigator, Jerilynn Henrikson
I have spent virtually all my life in Emporia, Kansas surrounded by family, friends, and the tall grass prairie.  I graduated from The College of Emporia, married my high school sweetheart, and we raised our four kids here.

Through the years, I have learned to identify our local birds by flight, feather, and song and to recognize native grasses, wildflowers, trees, and critters.  As a high school English teacher I have explored the world through books and travel, but for me the best part of these journeys of the mind and spirit is coming home.  This sea of grass and its boundless sky feeds my soul and fires my imagination.

Cheryl Unruh
Cheryl Unruh began writing her weekly Flyover People column in The Emporia Gazette in 2003. Her writing has received awards from the Kansas Press Association, the Kansas Association of Broadcasters and the Kansas Sampler Foundation. Cheryl’s commentaries have aired on Kansas Public Radio in Lawrence, and KTWU, public television in Topeka.

Cheryl was raised in the small town of Pawnee Rock in central Kansas and graduated from the University of Kansas in Lawrence. She lives in Emporia, Kansas, with her husband, Dave Leiker.

Cheryl will be located at 701 Commercial for the December markets, and will also be selling jewelry and Dave Leiker prints.

Other books by Kansas Authors that will be available at December markets.


Graze the Prairie -- Certified Grassfed Beef -- at the December 5 Market, 701 Commercial in Downtown Emporia

Graze the Prairie will be at the Saturday, December 5th, Indoor Winter Market. Please feel free to visit their website and place your orders in advance. There will be plenty of product to pick up what looks good while you are at market, as well.

Contact Graze the Prairie via Facebook or on their website,