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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Vendor: John Conway

Year began selling with EFM: 2006

Products Offered: Vegetables, Fruit, Jams & Jellies, Cut Flowers.

EFM Directory of Vendors

New Vendor: Kim Holland

Joined EFM: 2015

Plans to attend: Wednesday and Saturday Markets

Product: Free range, fresh eggs!

Emporia Farmers Market Summer Season Begins

Weekly Saturday farmers markets will begin in the parking lot at 7th and Merchant, downtown Emporia, at 8 am on Saturday, May 2. Join Friends of the Emporia Farmers Market for burritos for breakfast and welcome vendors for the 2015 market season.

Cost of a vegetarian burrito is $4; bacon or sausage is $4.50. All proceeds go to support the operations and educational programs of the Emporia Farmers Market.

Markets will continue to take place every Saturday, starting at 8am, through October. Wednesday evening markets will begin the first week in June.

For a complete calendar of events at the Emporia Farmers Market, please visit the website at


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 24, Flint Hills Sustainability Fair

Upcoming Sustainability Fair Focuses on Conserving Water

On Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm will be the 2015 Flint Hills Sustainability Fair at the Flint Hills Technical College (FHTC). As we prepare for the fair, the age old question, “Sustainability, What is it?” comes to mind. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sustainability is everything we need for our survival and well-being that comes from our natural environment. The goal of sustainability is that humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to continue to have water, minerals, and other resources needed to protect our health and the environment. We all should want to do our part in making sure many of the resources like water and other minerals are available to future generations. So when we discuss being sustainable here on a local level, we often use the word “green.” Being “green” can be achieved several different ways; whether that is recycling many household items (newspapers, plastic bottles, or aluminum cans), planting your own garden, or composting your grass clippings and other compostable waste materials from your house.

This year the fair is focusing on water conservation. Many of the agencies that will have informational booths located in the conference room at the FHTC have an area of focus of water and water conservation. Along with the different booths there will be informational seminars and a workshop focusing on water conservation. Just like last year, K-State Research and Extension, Lyon County has partnered with FHTC to bring the informational seminars to this area during the Sustainability Fair. The schedule for this year’s Sustainability Fair is:

9:00 am – Xeriscape Landscaping, presented by Travis Carmichael, Lyon County Horticulture Extension Agent. This presentation will discuss how using a xeriscape landscape helps conserve water and ways homeowners can go about putting in this kind of landscape.

10:00 am – Water-Wise Plants, presented by Travis Carmichael, Lyon County Horticulture Extension Agent. This presentation is a companion presentation to the Xeriscape Landscaping. Plant varieties that use less water will be discussed during this presentation.

11:00 am - Rain Barrel Workshop, conducted by Amy Becker, Director of Sustainability and Community Education. During this workshop attendees will learn about rain barrels, how to build and ideas for using them.

The Emporia Farmers Market will have market venders at the Sustainability Fair as it is their unofficial kick-off to their outdoor market season. So, come on out to the 2015 Sustainability Fair and see what we have to offer. If you have any questions about the Sustainability Fair, please contact either Amy Becker at (620) 341-1335 or Travis Carmichael at (620) 341-3220 for more information.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 18 Market -- Product List

Vendors are reporting the following items will be available at Saturday's market. Open 10 am till noon at the Emporia Humanitarian Center. (This is not a complete list, just what has been reported so far.) updated 4/17/2015 - 8pm

 Fresh Sweet Potato Dog Treats! Ready for market this weekend. Come pick up some Treaty Treats for your 4 legged pals. (Tolbert)

Tomato and pepper plants, herbs (Stanton)

Asparagus, Onions, Live Plants, Seeds and Pie Bites (Sweethaven)


Rhubarb, Lettuce, and a LOT of mini Bok Choi (Janet Brassart).

Carrots, Wild Onions, Bunching (green) Onions, Lettuce, Spinach, Lambs Quarters, Sage, Dried Herbs, Potted Plants: Aloe, Philodendron, Strawberry, St. John's Wort, Iris, Handmade Crafts and Jewelry, Possibly Cilantro, Italian Parsley and Asparagus (Stallings)

Chicken, Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter/Pumpkin Treats (for the pups!) (Tolbert)

Many varieties of Banana, Zucchini, Lemon and Apple Loaves, Pecan, Caramel Apple and Peach Pies in both Regular and Sugar Free, Cookies of all kinds -- regular, sugar free and gluten free, Multigrain Sunflower Walnut, Rye, Cheese, White, Raisin, Cinnamon, Italian Cheese, and Jalapeno Cheese Breads. Cinnamon Rolls, Pecan Rolls, Monkey Bread, Large Wheat Pizza Crusts, Cashew Butter and Gram's Carrot Cake. (Simmons, L.)

Earth Day Sugar Cookies, Baguettes, Individual Pizza Crusts (Simmons, E.)

Eggs, Focaccia Bread, Hanging Flower Baskets, Viola and Pansy 6 packs, Geraniums, Tomato and Broccoli Starts, Basil and Cilantro Combo Packs (Kern)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Final Indoor Winter Market Held Saturday, April 18

The fifth season of Indoor Winter Markets is coming to a close this Saturday, April 14, from 10 am to noon at the Emporia Humanitarian Center, 215 W. 6th Avenue. Join market vendors and Dr. Brent Hrabik, who will be providing the musical entertainment for our final market of the season.  

Expected produce at the market includes spinach, kale, several varieties of lettuce, carrots, radishes, asparagus, green onions, and herbs. Several vendors will have farm fresh eggs! Additional product includes homemade noodles, yeast breads, quick breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls, pies, corn and flour tortillas and a variety of baked goods. Non-edibles include laundry soaps, reusable tote bags, homemade jewelry and crafts, scarves, hats, and fiber crafts. Several vendors will have a variety of bedding plants for sale, including tomatoes, cabbage, flowers, and pepper plants.

The Emporia Farmers Market is very grateful to the Emil Babinger Charitable Trust for making our Indoor Winter Markets a reality. Thank you for helping us to grow in this manner. We look forward to many more years of year-round markets in Emporia.