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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vendor: Graze the Prairie

Year began selling with EFM: 2014

Attends: Most Winter Season Markets and Wednesday Summer Markets as Scheduled. Watch the EFM calendar for dates.

"Graze The Prairie's Goal is to work with nature to provide the best quality grass-fed beef to our customers. We do not use chemical fertilizer, our cattle are never given any growth hormones and given antibiotics for therapeutic reasons only. Animals that receive medication for any reason are removed and never sold through Graze The Prairie. Our cattle are never fed grain or concentrates. Our cattle are on pasture year around. Mineral Supplement, clean water, and high-quality stored forages for feeding during winter months, as well as cattle with the right genetics are all essential factors for high-quality grass-fed beef. Our cattle are moved into new paddocks daily in the growing season, and at least twice weekly in the dormant. This mimics the movement of the animals that historically lived on the prairie and is in concert with how the prairie evolved. This provides our cattle with the best life possible and helps preserve the remaining tallgrass prairie."

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July 2015
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Keith Long & Linda Pechin - May 2015

Graze the Prairie - May 2015