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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gift Items by Local Artists available at December Markets

December markets will feature one-of-a-kind gifts by area artists, including:

Jessie Stallings, Interdependent Web
located at 727 Commercial in December.

River Mirrors by Kay Church, Tallgrass Custom Wood Products
located at 727 Commercial in December

Scarves by Wanda Myers, Mators & Tators
located at 701 Commercial 

Quality and custom made blades by Emporia Blacksmithing
located at 727 Commercial
Jewelry and Crochet pieces by Becky's Creations
located at 701 Commercial

Quilted place mats, table runners, hand towels,
kitchen scrubbies and more, by Phylis Odgers
located at 701 Commercial

Original Jewelry and books by Cheryl Unruh
located at 701 Commercial

Recycled bags by Audra Agin
Located at 727 Commercial
Quilted table runners by Kathy Epley
located at 727 Commercial
Crochet Caps and Original Artwork
by Mandy and Joseph Kern, Our Seven Acres
Located at 701 Commercial