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2016 Board Members

Ruthann Resch credits her mom, Helen Samuelson, for leading her to the Emporia Farmers Market. She was a faithful customer from the start. "Bringing Mom at 8:00 am on Saturday morning became a lovely habit and really a necessity when I moved and lost my garden spot," says Ruthann. "It was then and continues to be a joy to buy the fruits (and veggies) of our fine Vendors' labor. After all, one of my major hobbies is eating! What is more healthy, delicious, and varied than the fresh, ever-changing array of good food from our hard-working area people? Every week is an adventure." Ruthann considers her main role in the Emporia Farmers Market as a consumer.

Ruthann has been an elementary teacher for over 36 years and is so recently retired that she still has her red pen. She has been Vice President of the EFM Board and is currently serving as EFM Board President. Ruthann joined the market board in 2008.

Vice President
Becky Smith is a life-long Emporia resident who believes in investing in her community. She serves on the Emporia Farmers Market Board and is a key figure and organizer in various activities for the betterment of downtown Emporia, including The Taste of Emporia, ESU Block Party, Great American Market and more. Becky was the manager of Town Crier bookstore and a former Event Coordinator for Emporia Main Street. In 2016, Becky opened the Twin Rivers Wine and Gourmet Shoppe in downtown Emporia. Becky joined the market board in 2009.

Janet Brassart is a retired high school teacher with three grown children and four grandchildren. She has lived in Lyon County since 1974 and in Emporia since 1983. She became an Emporia Farmers Market vendor in 2009 and a board member in 2010. Janet is a backyard gardener who grows vegetables, small fruits and flowers. "There is hardly any grass left in my back yard," she says. She believes in following an organic growing strategy; work WITH nature, not against it.

Janet is a member of Lyon County Master Gardeners. As well as gardening, she enjoys bird watching, reading, and fabric crafts.

Market Music Coordinator
Marcia Lawrence grew up on a farm near Medicine Lodge, Kansas and has always been involved with growing and preparing and preserving food. Marcia is active with community gardens, CSAs, and local food movements, as well as a happy patron of farmers' markets wherever she goes. Marcia was appointed to the board in 2014




Amy Becker, born and raised in Emporia, believes in being involved in her community and loves a good project.  She was Director of Sustainability and Community Education at Flint Hills Technical College, established Green Door Recycling and Mulready’s Pub, and has served as a board member for the Natural Resources Advisory Board, Emporia Main Street and the Emporia Area Local Food Network.  As a gardener, she’s worked both in greenhouses and in her own back yard and finds it very relaxing and rewarding.  As a cook, Amy is passionate about quality, locally-grown ingredients and habits and traditions that revolve around food.  As an entrepreneur, she loves how the farmers market incorporates and supports all of these things in one happy package. Amy was elected to the EFM Board of Directors in 2016.

Travis Carmichael joined the board in 2013. He is the Lyon County Extension Agent in Horticulture and Community Development.

Ellen Hansen grew up in a city in southern California with a father who planted a vegetable garden in the back yard every spring. "We all loved the fresh corn he would pick only after the water was boiling on the stove or the coals were hot in the cook-out fire; we loved picking fresh tomatoes, peas and beans off the plants. We had a miniature orchard in the small yard with an apricot tree, a peach tree, and a fig tree. Rarely did any quantity of fruit make it inside the house; we ate it off the tree when it was barely ripe," says Ellen. "That part of my childhood has stayed with me; I gained a great appreciation for fresh produce and for small-scale locally-produced food." Ellen has had a garden nearly everywhere she has lived, and has been a farmers market patron for many years. She joined the board in 2008.

Ellen is a knitter and spinner of natural fibers, a lover of mountains, oceans, and deserts, and more recently of prairies and rolling hills. She is also a professor of geography at Emporia State University.

Wanda Myers has been a market vendor since 2011 and joined the board in 2014.

John Conway 

Tim Nicklin

Mandy Kern